Our Story

Nefer is dedicated to crafting captivating and joyful experiences for our customers through our uniquely designed candles and decor items. Our wide variety of products satisfies different preferences and interests. At Nefer, our signature products are highly detailed, hyper-realistic true-to-life wax replicas of food and desserts. These exquisite creations, available in glassware or as stand-alone pieces, enhance the ambiance of any space. Our candles are more than just scented; they are works of art, infusing spaces with delightful aromas to be enjoyed with abandon. We prioritize sustainability and strive to make a positive environmental impact through upcycling. Soda cans, vintage teacups, and glassware find new purpose as candles or home decor items. By choosing Nefer, customers actively contribute to eco-conscious living. Starting from our humble beginnings in a Washington DC apartment, our passion-driven journey has expanded from local markets to reach customers across New York and Michigan. With dedication and commitment to excellence, our candle business continues to spread light and create meaningful moments in people's lives.

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