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NeFer by The Claustrum

Blueberry Sage Lotion Candle | 4 oz

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Introducing our Blueberry and Sage Lotion Candle, a delightful fusion of fruity sweetness and herbal freshness. This unique lotion candle combines the invigorating scent of ripe blueberries with the soothing aroma of earthy sage. As the candle burns, it transforms into a luxurious, warm lotion that can be applied directly to the skin, leaving it nourished and beautifully scented. Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of this fragrant experience and let the blueberry and sage notes rejuvenate your senses and elevate your self-care routine to new heights.

With 100% cotton, lead-free wicks, and cruelty-free ingredients, you can enjoy these candles guilt-free, knowing they are environmentally conscious and safe for you and your home.

As the candle burns, it releases a wonderful warm scent that calms your nerves, balances your mind and body, and creates a sensual spa-like ambiance in the comfort of your own home. Unlike ordinary candles, our lotion candles won't scald the skin; they transform into a velvety lotion that can be applied directly to your body, allowing your skin to absorb all the goodness.

Formulated with premium oils, our lotion candles nourish, soften, and moisturize your skin, leaving it irresistibly soft, smooth, and radiant. Embrace the joy of self-care with a blissful massage experience, or surprise a loved one with a thoughtful and original gift that will make them feel cherished and cared for.

Experience the epitome of relaxation and skincare with our Lotion Candles, and let the delightful scents and luxurious textures elevate your well-being to new heights.

Directions to use

Light the candle and allow it to burn until a melted pool of oil forms, approximately 15 minutes.
Safely blow out the flame and wait for the melted wax to cool slightly.
Before applying, test the temperature of the melted wax with your finger to ensure it is comfortable for your skin.
Carefully pour a small amount of the melted lotion into your hand or directly onto your skin. Caution should be exercised when pouring it directly onto the skin.
Gently massage the lotion into your skin, enjoying the emollient oils and butters as they nourish and moisturize.
Allow a few minutes for the lotion to be absorbed, leaving your skin feeling light, silky, and beautifully moisturized.
This lotion candle works wonders on dry skin and can be reapplied as often as desired for an indulgent and soothing experience.

*Our lotion is specially formulated to be safe for use on your skin. You can confidently apply it to your face, hands, legs, and feet, enjoying its nourishing and moisturizing benefits all over your body.

**These candles are exclusively crafted for body use, with each scent carefully formulated at a percentage rate that ensures their safety for skin application. As a result, their fragrance is intentionally milder compared to traditional candles, making them suitable for personal use without overwhelming a room's atmosphere.

***This product is lovingly handmade.
Please note that it is not intended to cure or treat any illnesses, and no such claims are made. It is not meant for consumption and is solely for external use. We kindly advise using caution when applying this product.

**** Ensure to keep the flame away from children & pets.

** All of our products are handmade so there may be slight variations.

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