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NeFer by The Claustrum

Faygo Ohana Lemon Iced Tea Can Candle

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Introducing the Ohana Lemon Iced Tea Can Candle - a sensory treat that captures the essence of a sunny afternoon with a glass of rejuvenating lemon iced tea. Skillfully crafted by artisans, every detail is carefully perfected to create a product of impeccable artistry. As the wick ignites, a warm and welcoming glow fills the air, bringing a sense of peaceful comfort. The nostalgic scent of Ohana Lemon Iced Tea evokes images of leisurely moments spent enjoying the perfect combination of tangy lemon and freshly brewed iced tea.

•    100% Coconut Soy Wax 
•    100% Cotton Wick 
•    White Wax-No Coloring
•    12 oz can up to 90 hrs burn time with 4-5 hrs burn time per day
•    Phthalate and Toxin Free 
•    Vegan and Cruelty Free 
•    Hand-poured in Michigan 
•    Made with recycled can, may have minor imperfections.
•    Ships everywhere in the US via Priority Mail 
•    Custom and wholesale options available 

Candle Care for Eternal Glow

•    Maintain a 1/4" wick length for optimal burning.
•    Encourage a full melt pool to reach the jar edges to prevent tunneling when initially lighting. 
•    Stay attentive and limit the burn time to 4 hours for the organic coconut soy wax. 
•    Avoid burning when wax reaches a low level of 1/4"-1/2" to prevent jar overheating towards the end.